Elton John items for sale

This is my list of Elton John items for sale. If you are interested in something, please contact me with a private message and ask me details about the items.
Also, if you're searching other Elton items not in these pictures, just let me know and I will try to provide them. 
-Song For Guy/Lovesick (UK made in France) 
-Healing Hands/(Fine Young Cannibals) (ITA promo for jukebox) 
  -Cold As Christmas/Crystal EJS3 (UK)
-Crazy Water/Chameleon (Italy)


-Lady Samantha/Skyline Pigeon DJS 10901 (UK)
-The Bitch Is Back/Cold Highway (JAP)
-Nobody Wins/Fools in fashion XPRES54 (UK)
-Sweet painted Lady/Goodbye Yellow Brick Road DJS 10906 (UK, 1978 reissue)

-Cold As Christmas/Crystal EJS3 (UK)
-Wrap Her Up (GER)
-If It Wasn't For Bad/A Dream Come True (EU, numbered #424) 

Postage Stamp from Republic of Somalia

Box Two Rooms limited edition, contains:
-CD Two Rooms
-VHS Two rooms (documentary
-128-pages book with Elton & Bernie history, many pictures and original lyrics

-1977 with China
-1992/93 (with Clapton)
-1984 European Express Tour
-1976 Louder Than Concorde

-18 June 2005 Vicarage Road (Watford concert)

-Lyrics booklet from LP Captain Fantastic And The Brown Dirt Cowboy
-Article from Il Monello 03/07/1975
-Supreme Rock 1976 magazine
-DVD Roxy Bar special John Lennon (with an unreleased Red Ronnie interview to Elton, 1986)


-Music In Review
(unofficial documentaries with live bits) 

-The Old Grey Whistle Test (Tiny Dancer and interview)(2 DVD)
-Tony Bennett American Classic (Rags To Riches, duet Elton & Bennett)

-Fine China (live 1977 with China)(silver-pressed bootleg)
-Love songs 1991 (Pickwick compilation)
-CDsingle You Can Make History PROMO (Acoustic version with sitar/Acoustic version without sitar)(two unreleased versions)
-CDsingle Duets for one/Teardrops PROMO Spain
-Max Sampler (mini-compilation for free with Max Italian magazine, only CD)
-West Coast Songs (SFTWC presentation, for free with Daily Express)

-Ain't nothing like the real thing part1
-Ain't nothing like the real thing part2 (+ 2 remixes)
-Sorry seems to be...with Blue + video
-This Train/Don't Let The Sun (live in Mexico City) (promo Mexico with unreleased B-side)
-A Step Too Far (promo Mexico)
-If The River Can Bend (promo Mexico)

-25 years on - A 10 song CD sampler (rare 1995 promo)
-On Dark Street (promo)
-A word in Spanish/Song for you/Blue eyes/I guess/Daniel live in Australia
-Your song 2002 (with Safina) + instrumental + video
-Live like horses (studio + live)/Step into Xmas/Blessed
-Don't let the sun...live with George Michae

-CDsingle Stan (with Eminem) (3 versions)
-Nobody's Child (1990 benefit compilation with "Medicine Man")

-Ray Charles Genius Loves Company (with Sorry Seems To Be, duet with Elton)
-Bunbury Tails (mega-rare compilation with Up The Revolution, Elton with the Bee Gees)

-Goin' Home, a tribute to Fats Domino (with Elton's version of "Blueberry hill")
-Best Buy Unreleased Holyday Tracks (exclusive Best Buy compilation, with Elton's version of "Makin' Whoopee")

12" Vinyls:
-Picture Disc A Single Man USA MCAP-14951 (front and back)
-12" Les Aveux/Donner Pour Donner FRA
-12" Mona Lisas part II USA (3 remixes)

Books (English language):
-"Sir Elton, The Definitive Biography of Elton John", by Philip Norman, 582 pages
-"Elton John, A Biography", by Barry Toberman, 182 pages

East End Lights (US fanclub fanzines, plenty of news and interviews to Elton band members and staff):
issues 7 - 23 - 33 - 35

East End Lights (US fanclub fanzines, plenty of news and interviews to Elton band members and staff):
36 - 37 - 65

Hercules (fanzine from the same name fanclub) issue 42

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